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Statement by the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia



by the Federation of Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR)


The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) is deeply concerned by the war of sanctions which has lately been unfolding between the USA, the EU, Russia, and other countries, threatening to spread over more and more sectors of economy, but ultimately making the ordinary people suffer.

This is leading to new serious problems in all the countries involved in this confrontation: decline in production volumes, hundreds of thousands of jobs cuts and layoffs, deterioration of workers socio-economic status and the political situation in Europe as a whole.

We are calling on all the countries to withdraw from economic sanctions as a means of resolving political discrepancies.

The FNPR is strongly urging both sides of the Ukrainian conflict to stop hostilities in Ukraine and to take all measures to prevent further deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the East of the country.

Just two weeks ago the humanity marked a sorrowful date - a hundred years since the beginning of the First World War. Over the past century Europe has endured too much sorrow and suffering to become the arena of a new world war.

We await the politicians to make balanced and responsible decisions, aimed at the de-escalation of the situation exclusively by diplomatic means.

We are calling upon trade unions in all countries to unfold the struggle for peace without wars and economic sanctions.                                   

August 12, 2014